Mistress Pantera

West Midlands Mistress - about me

I am a professional livestyle Diva and Mistress.

I seek out all those whose longing desire is to experience and enjoy pain and pleasure through the hands of a voluptuous, beautiful and powerful ebony Goddess.

I have a preference for experienced slaves who know what they want but I sometimes accept innocent newcomers.

Depending on my mood.

I will guide you, just as you will need it during your journey with me.

Ultimately, however, you will definitely be my little slut who is only too willing to do my bidding.
As a professional Mistress, of course I demand a tribute for my time appropriate to me.

If some do not understand this frame, I respect and understand their position, but then that person is not ready for the BDSM as I define and live it. I am a Findom, my rules, my way period.

I am not a mind reader, do not waste my time, subs know what they want when contacting me. If you want to over elaborate and take up some of my valuable time, then pay a tribute, otherwise don’t bother me with the diatribe worthless shit that will come out of your mouth.

If I want it that way, at first glance, I may seem friendly and sweet, together with my naturalness and attractiveness, I look like a easygoing woman. You should not be fooled by my seductive looks or my sweet smile.

I will love to train you according to my moods and forms. I will control you both palpably and verbally to make you my perfect, hard-nosed, little slut.

What I love so much and appreciate is shopping with you! You will buy for myself all the latex corsets, boots and sexy tight outfits that you will enjoy in sessions with me as well as the handcuffs and toys you buy for me to use on you.

Put your trust, your submission and your loyalty, completely into my knowledgeable hands and give yourself completely to me.

I am a natural dominant woman who gets kicks out of taking your money and abusing you. Your request shall be my pleasure. Don’t back track like the little worm you are. Out of having a tender side to myself. You can have a save word that you may call out when you cannot handle what it is that you requested.

I will be your breathtaking and beautiful Goddess, in whose erotic presence, you will lose yourself completely.

Of course, I love it when my subordinates obey me.

However, some would certainly like to test my patience and authority. If you have a rebelliousness in you, you will soon find out that I will have made you understand your position quickly.

I have zero tolerance whenever you feel you want to make your own decisions. I don’t have time for it. You have come to give yourself to me.

Do just that or fuck off.

Of course, I understand that disobedience is your way to test me. As charming as this power game may be, it also quickly brings out my sadistic side.

This is the moment when it gets dangerously exciting … it makes me quite hot while I enjoy doing sweet-cruel things to you and I will find this to be absolutely erotic and enjoyable moment to myself. I will enjoy punishing you for trying me.

Don’t fuck with me.

I offer NO ‘personal services’ that means in particular:


That’s not what bdsm is. Instead, you will be spiritually and physically guided by me to your limits during the session. My own, sadistic streak demands that you suffer for me like a true submissive slave.

Ask for an audience.

Confirming that you have read through my profile and have understood your place, write:


At the beginning of your request to me.

Your Divine